This week began with Pancake Day, allowing us all a second crack at those easily forgotten New Year’s resolutions over Lent. It also means the long Easter weekend is little over a month away, with the two May bank holidays not far behind.  So in the holiday spirit we at Bowler and Beach started thinking of where we could be showing off the Animal range this summer – and what better place to start than Portugal, where the Animal range is produced!

Portugal provides year round sun and is only a short hop from these shores meaning it is ideally suited to a quick weekend away. Allowing many of us pasty Brit’s the first chance of sun for 2016. With that in mind we have put together of five of our personal favourite beaches in Portugal, let us know if you agree or have any other hidden gems …

Praia da Marinha                

One look around here and its extremely easy to see why this beach has previously been voted one of Europe’s top 10 beaches. With towering cliffs framing a white sandy beach and the water a crystal clear blue grab your snorkel and go on an explore of all the little nooks and crannies on offer! A beach we feel needs little selling, so go and check out the jaw dropping beauty for yourself.

Praia do Guincho                               

This beach is so stunning it looks like it could feature in a film, which is in fact what it did do in 1969 when it appeared in the opening scene of James Bond’s On Her Majesty’s Service. The beach is a nature reserve and hasn’t changed much since the film, making it perfect for a nice relaxing stroll along the golden sands. For the more adventurous the breezy conditions and Atlantic breakers roaring over the golden sand make this a surfers haven, with the world wind surfing championships often held here. Once the day is done you can head to Guincho bar where the lively parties often spill onto the sand.

Praia do Castelo                 

Although on the extremely popular Algarve this beach is a little more secluded than some of its noisy neighbours making it the perfect spot for those who want a more relaxing time in the height of summer. Framed by striking cliffs this is certainly not one of the bigger beaches in Portugal, but it consists of several smaller beaches interspersed by rocky coves making it perfect to explore, and once you are done with that you will be able to find reasonably priced food and drink.

Praia da Rocha              

Although a huge expanse of sand, this isn’t the beach for those seeking seclusion and to avoid the crowds. The sheer size of the beach does mean it shouldn’t be too tricky to get a good spot even in the height of summer. This beach provides a bit of something for everyone whether that be kite surfing lessons, beach volleyball or for the more sedate a few drinks at one of the numerous beach bars or restaurants. Split in two by a rocky headland, the “beach of rocks” also provides many little caves to explore along the cliffs, so there is something here to please even the most fervent of beach critic.

Praia da Adraga             

A sure fire winner with the romantics, great for a relaxing stroll during the day whilst watching the Atlantic ocean crash into the jagged rocks offshore. However, where this beach really comes into its element is at dusk, when truly memorable sunsets take place, where the orange sun plunges deep into the Atlantic. Once the sun has bedded in for the evening there are few better places to head then the excellent beach restaurant tucked away under the cliffs for some delicious fresh seafood.

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