With the Animals swim short range due to be launched this Spring – and sneak previews of the prints popping up on our website, Facebook page and Instagram profile – we thought it the perfect opportunity to describe the four distinctive animals in the range and who we think would look great wearing them, whether on the partying on the beach, chilling by the pool or rocking it on a boat…

The Lobster

What do we think the Bowler & Beach Lobster represents?

The Lobster is a big personality, with a zest for life and don’t take themselves too seriously. The Lobster wearers are at their happiest and most vibrant when partying and living it up in a buzzing beach club on the White Isle.

Who do we think would be most likely to wear the Bowler & Beach Lobster swim shorts?

Leonardo di Caprio, Prince Harry, Calvin Harris

Bowler & Beach | Lobster wearers #1Bowler & Beach | Lobster wearers #2

The Seahorse

What do we think the Bowler & Beach Seahorse represents?

The Seahorse is a born entertainer, with flair and energy in abundance. The Seahorse wearers love to be the centre of attention and most likely to be in their element when commanding a decadent boat party in the glow of a Mediterranean sunset.

Who do we think would be most likely to wear the Bowler & Beach Seahorse swim shorts?

Justin Timberlake, Colin Farrell, Jamie Foxx

Bowler & Beach | Seahorse wearers #1Bowler & Beach | Seahorse wearers #2

The Stag

What do we think the Bowler & Beach Stag represents?

The Stag oozes confidence and cuts a striking figure wherever they are. The Stag wearers are strong characters and are likely to command proceedings whether they are in an exclusive house party in the Hills or a wild pool party in Vegas.

Who do we think would be most likely to wear the Bowler & Beach Stag swim shorts?

Idris Elba, Bradley Cooper, Daniel Craig

Bowler & Beach | Stag wearers #1Bowler & Beach | Stag wearers #2

The Swallow

What do we think the Bowler & Beach Swallow represents?

The Swallow is elegant, understated and effortlessly cool at all times. The Swallow wearers are always impeccably turned out, and equally able to hold court in a thriving summer carnival in Rio or a secret beach-side retreat in the Caribbean.

Who do we think would be most likely to wear the Bowler & Beach Swallow swim shorts?

David Beckham, Jude Law, Eddie Redmayne

Bowler & Beach | Swallow wearers #2Bowler & Beach | Swallow wearers #1


We’ll be posting individual shots of the Animals shorts in their matching carry pouches over the next week, starting with this evening. So the only question remains, which of the Animals range are you going to be wearing this summer?

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