The summer is just around the corner, and for some it has even already arrived with the first official summer holidays being taken. We love nothing more than a trip to somewhere like Ibiza where there are gorgeous beaches aplenty, great food and most importantly great parties to be had in the beach clubs by day and the night clubs by night. However, we also enjoy the odd trip off the beaten track such as our ski trip to the Himalaya’s two years ago, so we thought we would compile a list of three summer holidays off the beaten track for this year.

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea sits in the Pacific Ocean north of Australia and is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world, with over 850 languages listed for the country. A trip to be approached with a fair amount of caution; it is prone to seasonal natural disasters and that’s before taking into account the high level of crime and relatively low level of law and order. Perhaps this explains why the area remains largely untouched by mass tourism. However, if you can see beyond all of the potential deterrents you will discover and area of stunning natural beauty with volcanos, mountains and rainforest all around to be explored.


Size wise Namibia is certainly not tucked away off the beaten track, it is the fourth largest country in Africa; however, it is still home to some of the biggest yet least well known game parks. The country plays host to a wide range of landscapes and activities from safari, sand boarding or simply walking in the oldest desert in the world to kayaking with seals. With no shortage of activities and whilst being safe to travel around and housing some great accommodation, Namibia may be a bit of a winner for those who want to move away from the mass touristy areas whilst still being in an environment which is used to tourists and can certainly cater for them.

The Tanintharyi Region, Myanmar

In 2010 the travel game in relation to Myanmar was changed with the general elections which resulted in sanctions being lifted and tourists being allowed to enter this magical place for the first time in 20 years. Although the shift has begun, you can still see a place here that has been relatively untouched by globalisation, so we would visit to get there sooner rather than later. Two of the major draws for the traveler here are the Myeik Archipelago, containing over 800 islands and the Dawei coastline which has a peace to it only disturbed by fishermen. Once you have seen enough coast, why not take in some of the magical temples which are dotted around this stunning region.

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