Exotic destinations lovers simply adore this place, and that definitely doesn’t come as a surprise – Moorea Island is everything you hoped for, and even more! If you’ve never heard of this enchanting place, stay with us. Here is everything you need to know about this corner of paradise on Earth – trust us, you will fall in love with it in the blink of an eye!

The island of magic
Located 17 kilometres northwest of Tahiti, Moorea Island represents a true heaven on Earth, in the heart of the Pacific Ocean. This place is beyond magical – a bright blue lagoon surrounds its beautiful mountains, where graceful waterfalls cuddle with the fern-softened cliffs. An abundance of greenery will soothe your eyes and all your senses, helping you recharge your batteries and feel reborn. Getting to this marvellous island can be done in two ways – either by a high-speed ferry, or by a plane ride from the island of Tahiti. No matter which one you choose – it is totally worth the schlep. You will be thrilled to see the island’s breathtaking nature and its stunning little villages that will sweep you off your feet – their pastel houses surrounded by tropical flowers and exotic birds are everything! The contrast between turquoise waters and emerald green cliffs is completely surreal – almost like a photoshopped image, but in real life!


What to do while on Moorea Island?
Snorkelling lovers will be ecstatic to visit Lagoonarium de Moorea – a protected part of the water where the most amazing natural wonders can be seen. If swimming with rays, sharks and other tropical fish, along with exploring a vibrant coral reef is your cup of tea, you are welcome to visit this wonderful place. You can even sign up for swimming with sharks and rays, interacting with stingrays in their natural habitat is a superb chance that mustn’t be missed. On the other hand, if you’re up for an adrenaline rush, you will be thrilled to pick 4×4 Jeep Safari adventure. It is an authentic way to discover Moorea’s volcanic peaks, gorgeous hillsides and crystal waters. This is also a unique possibility to visit the Agricultural College, where you will be able to see numerous plants native to this part of the world. A visit to a pineapple plantation and juice factory is another part of this adventure, so make sure not to skip it while staying on this stunning island.


The island’s surreal resorts
This place has become one of the most wanted destinations in the Pacific Ocean, and this shouldn’t surprise you simply because of its versatile offer. Free from mass tourism, overcrowded spots and busy highways, Moorea Island is a real-life paradise that you will instantly fall in love with. Everyone will be able to find a great accommodation according to their possibilities, however, the fact is that more and more luxurious resorts are emerging nowadays. While I was visiting this enchanting piece of heaven, I stayed at Sofitel Moorea Ia Ora Beach Resort which was everything I secretly hoped for. Its overwater bungalows are too good to be true, and the whole experience was taken to a whole another level thanks to turquoise, crystal clear water right beneath us. You surely won’t regret opting exactly for this resort – you’ll wish to stay there forever!


Moorea Island is a true gem of nature that simply needs to be seen and experienced first-hand, at least once in a lifetime. Its astonishing nature, in combination with fabulous resorts and thrilling outdoor activities will leave you completely smitten by it, and we are sure that you will come back to this place at least one more time!

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