It’s the second week of January and that hangover has finally subsided and the endless thoughts of self improvement (or that perfect beach bod) are lingering at the bottom of the wine glass.

To help kick-start your New Year’s ambitions and more importantly – stick to them – we have teamed up with our friends Lottie and Emma at Mountain Beach Fitness Retreats to give you the hottest tips, provide you with some inspiration on how to invest in your health and make this year different.

The dynamic duo are passionate personal trainers and co-founders of Mountain Beach Fitness Retreats, running fitness retreats in amazing locations such as the mountains in Verbier, hills of Tuscany, beaches of Cornwall, the Lake District and Iceland, as well as destinations to suit you and friends for a tailor made private group.

Every year new goals are set with the utmost sincerity and every year there is a pattern. Like a broken record we continue to set the same resolutions year upon year, knowing the inevitable will happen!

‘The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result!’ Einstein

Each New Year, about 75% of people stick to their goals for the first week, however after 6 months less than 40% are still on track (Huffington Post). Fundamentally good health is about adopting a positive mindset. The mind and body are interrelated and we cannot pound the pavement expecting great results if the head is in the wrong place.

Health is not just about what you are eating. It’s also about what you are thinking and saying’ says Emma, ‘you have to assess goals on an individual level as each person is completely unique. Ultimately it is personality that will affect the motivation and attrition rate, but your programmes should be tailored to your character to minimise the risk of falling by the wayside’

Here are their 8 top tips to make this year count, get in shape for the summer and look amazing your Bowler & Beach swim shorts / bikini!

1) Don’t give up something, add to your life!

Dieting is a passive activity that is unsustainable and can lead to poor energy and low mood. Exercise is a medicine for mind and body, so adopt a proactive approach and work on your physical strength and overall well being. It is likely that you will then want to, and find it easier, to adopt a good diet from this new, healthy lifestyle.

2) Write down specific measurable goals.

Not only will it sweat out a sense of smugness when you reach these goals, it will also help you think clearly about what you want to achieve this year – and break it down to winter, spring, summer and autumn.

3) Break it up.

Sounds simple. It works. If you want run a marathon, start with 6 miles. This will soon be your warm up. Smaller attainable goals will give you a feeling of self efficacy as you move past them towards bigger ones.

4) Keep it interesting.

Do what you love and try something new! If pounding the pavement fills you with dread don’t do it. Find what you love whether it’s a dance class, hiking in the sunshine or swimming in the open water. Plan an active holiday (more on this later!) mix it up, ski, skin, box, spin. Repetition kills motivation!

5) Believe in yourself.

There is no reason why your friend can run a marathon and you can’t. We have all evolved with the same physiology. The difference is a) the physical training b) the mindset.

6) Shout out your goals!

If you keep your goals private you’re safe! You ease the fear of failure but you’re also scientifically less likely to reach them. Tell your friends, colleagues, loved ones, take the risk!

7) Celebrate small wins.

Gradual changes as opposed to going cold turkey are more likely to be effective. Whether you have completed your first 5km, 10km or 40km ensure you congratulate yourself on your efforts.

8) Be flexible and don’t give up.

We all have bad days. Whether you are tired, over-worked, stressed or the kids won’t allow you time. Don’t give up. Reframe. Pursue your goals in a relentless manner, don’t let one small hiccup ruin your mindset, acknowledge it and move forwards.

So how about treating yourself, friends and family to a fitness focused holiday for this summer? Mountain Beach Fitness Retreats offer transformative health and fitness weeks, giving you the opportunity to focus exclusively on your health and well being. Their ethos is based on primal and functional fitness using the natural environment as a playground. They can tailor make fitness weeks for groups of friends or teams working towards similar goals. They also provide you a great excuse to get a new pair of Bowler & Beach swim shorts to really make an impact on the beach, by the pool or in the sea!

With dates starting this Spring you can boost or give yourself a kickstart to a healthier, fitter, stronger YOU!  The dynamic duo are here for you, to help you with your specific goals and their infectious energy and innovative training methods will cast a new light on your training regimes and inspire you for 2018.

If you want to be healthier, happier, fitter and stronger please get in touch with Emma or Lottie:

00 44 7764 742 475

00 41 7742 758 45

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