Bowler & Beach Early Backers Club

In March 2016 we ran a Kickstarter campaign to help us raise the extra money we needed to launch Bowler & Beach and our first collection for Spring / Summer 2016, the ‘Animals’ range. We successfully hit our funding target within 8 days, and went on to raise over 110% of our target! This was only possible due to the support of our very loyal and very awesome Bowler & Beach Early Backers, who contributed to our campaign by pre-ordering our shorts.

We owe a HUGE thank you to all our Early Backers – all 139 of them who make up the Bowler & Beach Early Backers Club – so as a sign of our gratitude to all the awesome people who helped make the Bowler & Beach dream a reality we have dedicated this page to all the people that backed our Kickstarter campaign! Check out our video below:

We couldn’t have launched without their support, so we think they rock and deserve to have their very own Thank You page with their names in the shape of our logo! Thank you guys and girls – we hope you love your swim shorts and have great times wearing them this summer.


For the full list of our brilliant backers please see below:


John Herbert

Oliver Hill

Thomas Seddon

Conor Cooling

Gethin Davies

Simon O’Reilly

Wendy Braidwood

Nick Ostrowski

Ben Maddison

Peter Hepworth

James Hartley

Kwesi Wilson

Helen Gill

Richard Sykes

Simon Scarpa

Tim Lambert

Ben Owens

Brad Pearson

Patrick Jenkinson

Rebecca Pike

Laithan Morisco-Tarr

William Pope

Adam Whitehouse

Andrew Welsh

Miles Chapman

Claire Glatman

Miss L J Kirby

Carl Jakobsson

Laura Scarpa

Tom Lumby

Stuart Turner

David Furniss

Tom Pope

William Dawson

Heather Shepherd

Hannah Pilling

Douglas Cannon

James and Lucy

Tailfin Cycling

Emma Wilson Robbins

Shao-tang wang

Alex Fisher

Poppy Cuthbert

Tom Lloyd Hughes

James Clarke

Jo Ropner

Tim Hegarty

Nik Rhoades

Ben Smith

Nick Morris

Pernille Tholstrup

Noelle and Tony Boyle

Charlie Gordon

Emma Garnham

John Slade

Chris Gill

Luke Fothergill

Mike Dickman

Dominic Jackman

Jan Lassoued

Hugh Kerr

Xian Li

Richard Valentine

Tim Hartnell

Guy Squire

Michael Naraniecki

Wolfgang Friz

Dore Fourie

Abi Sangster

Matthew Pegg

Rob Hamilton

Brian Cavanagh

Henry Watkinson

Andrew Watson

Roshan Doostdar

Libby Lamont

Emma Parrish

Thomas Kellett

Neha Amin

Cristina Fargas

Sabah Shelton

Lesley Gill

Jon Whiteley

Alistair Frizell

Ed White

Josh Graham

Morgan Phillips

Benjamin Lucas

Tom Littlechild

Brian Jones

Dan Smith

Nick Hepworth

Alex Hamlin

Oliver McAteer

Mathieu Woy

Michael Thomas

James Mitra

Jane Gaskarth

Liz Carey

Hilda Fassihi

Nick Hodgson

Philip Dyas

Rosie Wintour

Philip Moody

Tatiana Raikes

Colin Smyth

Matthew Jackson

Lauren Kelley

Ben Litvinoff

Simon Hempsall

Tom Sleigh

Patricia Bacon

Dora Bagshaw

Don Bird

Jamie Wright

Matthew Jones

Daniel Allin

Liam Baker

Rob Collins O’Leary

Vivek M. Patel

Angus Allison

Dan Quarshie

Chris Shelton

Olivia Hepworth

James Shelton

Mark Michel

James Padmore

Neil Smith

Troy Rouse

Ian Herbert

Doug Bendle

James Lavers

Scott Hamilton

Tom Pearce

Tara Brown

James Cuthbertson

Marcus Pemberton